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raiding changes!!!!!!!!!!

crazyfroboy1234, Jun 3, 10 2:12 PM.
hey guys as you know we finally decided.

Raid changes are set:
tues- thurs any guild 10 man
Friday and Saturday are 25s night
Sunday and Monday are officer 10s. (guildes will be asked to attend as we need)

recruit some new people!!!!  ask officers what we need exactly!!!!
i will update our recruitment on the site as i decide what we need!!!!


crazyfroboy1234, May 18, 10 12:29 PM.
guys wanted to post about our 10 mans clearing and almost killing syndragosa 10/12 for 6 weeks isnt bad at all. also gratz to our 25 man with the first rotface kill and our first guild earned shadow's edge!!!!!!!!! gratz destayn!!!!!!  KEEP UP THE AMAZIING WORK ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!

Raids Start

crazyfroboy1234, Apr 5, 10 12:58 PM.
Starting our first raids this week GL to group 1. group 2 will be frapsing all fights and posting them on youtube with links in the raiders forum so people can see how we do fights.

Guild Start

crazyfroboy1234, Mar 29, 10 4:16 PM.
Guild will start next weeks reset!!!
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Brotherhood of Ashes is a new Guild on the server Garona.

This guild was made as a way to have a fun raiding experience in end game content with a low pressure guild staff.   

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